Lignum Design


Well where do I start. For starters I’m passionate about rock climbing. It’s a awesome sport that takes you around the world, to the most beautiful places you can imagine. Places where only a select few people ever come.


The sport speaks to me because it has a lot of aspects to deal with. For me climbing a route is like solving a puzzle, believing in your self and your teammate. Setting a goal and accomplishing it and many more things. This sport lead me to start working as a rope access specialist. This means that I do all kinds of jobs on high ground, by using ropes and safety systems to get on the job site. The jobs all differ from each other. From construction to electricity, woodworking repairing building facadesĀ  and church towers. A big part of it is working as a telecom engineer. Meaning placing antennas so your beloved smartphones and cellphones work šŸ˜‰

But recently my interests got spike by woodcraft and design. So I decided to take a Journey into woodcraft and design as a autodidact. That’s what this blog is for. I want to share my learning curve and ups and downs into the profession of woodcraft. And putting my products out there, roaming in the ever growing world of the interwebs.

Hopefully you’re not sleeping yet, enjoy the show!

Best regards,



BTW: Lignum stands for wood in Latin.