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A refurbished Sandinavian forest axe

A refurbished Scandinavian forest axe.


Hi guys,

Today I wanna talk you about axes! Yeah, those things that they used to chop wood with back in the day. So I found myself a broken old axe on my road trip┬áthru Sweden and took it home. It’s head was dull and the handle was loose.

axe, Scandinavian

So I decided to give it a second chance and refurbish it. I did some research online and found out this type of axe is called a Scandinavian forest axe. So I searched a little more on how I should sharpen it in the correct way. And started off.

I cleaned the head and stock and replaced the wedges. Sharpened the head and gave it a nice rub with some oil. And this i the final result!

Scandinavian forest axe Scandinavian forest axe


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