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How to build a 4 seater picnic table

How to build a 4 seater picnic table

Hi guys,

I’ve noticed that there are a abundance of woodworking plans to find on the internet. Till you start searching for metric plans… So I decided to post as much metric plans I can find or make them my self.

Of course all those plans are made by other people and I don’t want to steal those plans and credit. So I will be working with backlinks a lot.

Here we go, the first metric design found on

How to build a 4 seater picnic table


This is the metric version. Suitable for Australasia.

Plans – Material list

Below are the picnic table plans followed by material requirements and some brief instructions.

Picnic table plans: End profile

bbq table end plans

Picnic table plans: Front profile

bbq table front plans

Picnic table plans: individual pieces

bbq table parts


For the rest of the plans you should visit Apparently he also sells his plans over here



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