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Batman 3D logo made from hardwood

Batman 3D logo made from hardwood

You all know him, it’s maybe one of the most known heroes in the world. It’s Batman!
Well I love the badman franchise and my best friend is a hardcore comic fanatic. This gave me the idea of creating a Batman decoration piece. A piece that’s awesome but still subtile and would fit great into a normal home without creating a to high geek factor.

So I started off with searching the internet for a decent image of a batman logo and resized it to my needs. I cut the logo out and traced it onto the wood. Now the hard work could start. I started to saw the contours of the logo out. Tred lightly when you saw the ears. The ears are small and tend to break easily. When everything is cut out, you should have a flat piece of the batman logo. At that time, I was just starting to build my workshop, so I hadn’t much tools. But what I had was a angle grinder and sanding paper.

So I started to sand the contours. Take your time and clean up the piece regularly to see how the contour is looking. Oh yeah and watch your fingers! 😉 It’s just sanding paper on the grinder, but it still can do some serious damage.

What I’ve learned was, if you use a angle grinder with a fixed speed never sand to long on the same surface. It tends to burn the wood. And your end result will be crap. Another thing with a angle grinder is that it makes a circular motion and you will notice that a circular pattern will show on your logo. So after your done with the angle grinder. You have to sand it by hand, to remove this pattern. After that it’s just a matter of oiling it up and enjoying the finished product.


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