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A wine holder made from Brazilian hardwood

A wine holder made from Brazilian hardwood

handcrafted wine holder

Wooden wine holder

Earlier this month I had to go to a birthday party of a friend. As tradition he gets booze every year. So I decided to give it a twist. A perfect excuse to make something, not that a need one, but still the perfect excuse 😉 I’ve seen a lot of wine holders on Pintrest and decided to make one of my own. I was tending to make something sleek and abstract, that would fit into his modern home.

In the mean while one of my other friends contacted me and asked if I wanted to put our money together and buy something more expensive. I said that I had a idea and asked him to come over. Score!!! Now I had someone to sand my pieces. :p Yeah you know, every craftsmen loves sanding. :p So I drew a draft design and went to work.

Of course I forgot to take more pictures. But here is the final product!

BTW: Special thanks to my bro for sanding! 😉

Update:  A Brazilian hardwood wine holder


  1. Nico

    I replaced the original glasses and wine bottle with a Fine Old Port and matching (same brand) glasses. The design looks like it was made for this bottle and glasses! just a perfect match.
    And ahh i need to mention the sanding, it was superbe ! Must be a sanding engineer or something that guy!

    One helluva Job, the gift that brought tears to my eyes.
    Thanks Simon & Co. !

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